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Modern problems require a unique solution, the most famous saying heard by everyone. What’s the newest problem we are facing these days or from the past one and a half year is Covid which restricts the activities of the individuals.

Freelancing is an old platform working under the hood for several years doing remote work. But in the pandemic where the economy of even developed countries collapsed, and many people were out of the job due to financial crisis faced by companies, the freelance business only thrived well. Freelancers were the only individuals who didn’t face any financial crisis during Covid and were well acquainted with the system of remote working.

Nowadays people recognized the industry of freelancing and its diversity. In the past, nobody even thinks of the idea that your work is done by some person who lives across the globe. But, we are living in the digital era, where freelancing is recognized as one of the main streams of earning for skilled people. The advantage of freelancing is that it demands skill more than a degree.

Many online and on-campus institutions were opened to teach and empower every gender of the society so they can earn. The best thing about learning different freelancing skills is that all you need is basic computer knowledge and you can earn from it by showcasing your expertise.

In Pakistan Hisham Sarwar is a top name often heard while talking about freelancing. If we say this guy is the pioneer of freelancing in Pakistan then this is not wrong. The platform of digiskills educates different freelancing skills free of cost with the proper completion of the certificate. In Pakistan, the industry of freelancing is quite growing, and understanding the different skills which are top-rated by many freelancing service providers like Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr. is important.

So in this article, we will discuss different top-paying skills to learn for better earning.

The Top skills in demand are as follows

Data Entry Jobs

Most of the skills in freelancing are technical to a certain level but, data entry jobs are the easiest ones and great in demand. You don’t need a degree or especially learn the skill to do this work. All you need is a basic knowledge of computer and software handling.

Content Writing/Creative Writing

The article you’re reding know is written, by a freelance writer who gets paid to write this. Creative writing is one of the most demanding skills in the freelance industry. Creative writing has versatility in it. This niche includes web content, affiliate blog writing, and article writing.

In the creative writing genre, E-book is the best form where you can sell your eBook online and earn revenue from it.

Animations Creation

YouTube is one the greatest video-sharing platform and video is the most interactive mode to deliver the message. Video is often used by people to convey a message through any social media site like Facebook and Instagram. So many companies and influencers hire a freelancer to produce small videos of varying types to interact with the people. So, this skill is in demand so grab the opportunity and lean video animation to earn.

Digital Marketing

As discussed earlier, this is the age of digitalization and with new technologies, in hand, the trend of marketing is also revolutionized.

Now the marketing is solely done through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Different strategies like PPC etc are used to create the impact of the brand.

Home-based or small businesses are in search of Digital marketers and different social media marketing agencies to help them excel and reach the target audience. You can do digital marketing from the different courses available on YouTube.


Every business, organization ranging from basic level to developed level needs a website. To keep the website running and to keep the flow of traffic on the website is important it enhances the ranking of the website on google. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to keep the ranking of the website better. There are a variety of websites providing services, but SEO stands out your website on google and ranked it in top searches.

Every website needs an SEO strategist so learn the skill and earn your dreams.

App Developer

The smartphone is in everyone’s hand now and the feature of smartphone beside capturing photos and calls is to use different apps which assist a person in different aspect of life, for example, social media apps for connection with friends and world, gaming app to keep the person entertained and video sharing and watching apps like TikTok and YouTube for entertainment purpose.

Some companies are scouting for hybrid app developers, who can design different apps for both Android and IOS software.

Graphics Designing

Because computers require graphics, there will be a demand for graphic designers. Graphic design tasks are plentiful on all freelancing marketplaces, whether they are for social media, websites, or print media.

In addition, as more websites are produced, the demand for UX/UI is growing. It’s also becoming more popular for creating mobile app user interfaces.

Website Development

PHP development skill is in demand on many freelancing sites. The demand for web development is in the market along with the freelancing market you can earn potentially 500$ per project. You can also make your own software company hold projects on a large scale.

The impact of physical business is drastic but on the economy of E-Commerce, the effects are minimal. As with the impending pandemic, the need for more E-Commerce increases so the skill of web development is in demand.

Voice Over Artist

If you think you have a great voice, you can earn from your voice by doing the voice-over on different videos. Different companies hire individuals to voice over their videos regarding commercialization and for different aspects. There are separate platforms for voice-over assistants are available like Voice123 etc.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a self-employed individual who works remotely from a home office to provide professional administrative, technical, or creative help to clients. Virtual assistants are self-employed rather than full-time workers.

Without the end user’s awareness, a virtual assistant can answer your phone remotely. Many organizations can now add a personal touch in the form of a receptionist without incurring the added expense of hiring someone.

Final Verdict

From product innovation to process optimization to data-driven decision-making, digital transformation is transforming how we do business. It has an impact on, practically every aspect of the employment market, putting pressure on employers to meet ever-changing talent demands that are growing increasingly specialized.

Jobs in technology, programming, analytics, and data science are in higher demand than ever before. Technical-focused career trends should continue to grow in the future, thanks to the rapid development of new technologies and platforms, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Learn the skill of your interest and ready to become the next successful freelancer.

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