Tips To Nail Your Next Presentation

Have you ever wondered why you feel nervous when giving a presentation to the same people who are your friends? Or have you ever thought that the way you presented was not the way you prepared for it? Here are the best tips to nail your next presentation.


If you are s student or professional, or even a local marketer, you still need to focus on your presentation style. No matter how good and attractive slides you have made, they will only attract the opposite person if you present them well.

We are here with the top 8 tips to nail your next presentation

1.  Making Slides Attractive

Suppose you want to eat something. Although it’s delicious, the way it looks is not good. What will you do? Most of the people do not eat food because they are not presented and served well. The same goes for your presentation.


Remember one thing, focus on design. When you are making the presentation, try to make it look attractive. It depends on the audience. There can be many possibilities:


  1. Firstly, if you are presenting something to children, then make it colorful and add animated characters.
  2. If it is for a business and it is informal. Then try using some cool colors and themes.
  3. If it is a formal presentation. Then use earth tones as they look decent and more traditional.
  4. Moreover, try using dark color texts with light backgrounds, so they appear clear.


Another main problem is that most people make slides full of texts. Always remember that slides contain only main points, and you can also add images. You have to explain everything on your own.

2. Focus on Goals; One of The Best Tips To Nail Your Next Presentation

Sometimes, you have everything that you need. But you are unable to convince the people. The reason is that you have not told others about many essential points. The things to remember when starting a presentation are:

  1. Give a brief introduction. After that, tell about the background of what you are presenting in 2 to 3 minutes only.
  2. Then tell what is lagging and why you are presenting the topic.
  3. Afterward, tell about the objectives and goals. As a result, the audience will develop some interest.
  4. Take almost 5 to 6 minutes while giving your introduction and telling the above points. But not more than that.

3. Give Real Life Examples


The people listing to you can get bored easily. The thing you can do is add real-life examples and add a little humor to the presentation. There is no need to crack unnecessary jokes. But try to add a line that can bring a smile to everyone’s face.


You can create a scenario and ask questions from the people listening to your presentation. If you know the names of people. Then here is a plus point for you to give examples by adding that person to the scenario.


4. Mockups and Consistency

The two main integral Tips To Nail Your Next Presentation are adding mockups and checking consistency.

If you are unable to share the original thing or bring it with you, no worries! Try to make a 3D design that can refer to something that is the main part of the presentation. This will develop the interest of the audience. You can also add videos if you have related to the topic.

Now talking about consistency. Your design must be consistent. The font color, font size, and style must be the same throughout the presentation. Not only this but try to use only one theme for all the slides. This thing will attract the audience at a greater level.


5. Try To Make A Difference

One thing to remember is that you have to focus on critical points of the topic. You have to make a clear difference between the whole idea and presenting it to others. So only focus on the primary key points and explains them.

Most people stary digging into topics. But you must know that the presentation is only presenting the idea. You can dig into the topic if someone in the audience wants you to explain it. Otherwise, there is no need to explain anything. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to convince the audience. The presentation is not explaining anything, but the main thing behind it is convincing. Another important thing is that do not take more than 3 minutes on a slide. If it is something significant. Then take 5 minutes but not more than that.

6. Show Professionalism

Dress up formally. Make sure that whatever you are wearing is neat and tidy. Suppose there are your classmates or colleagues whom you want to present. No matter how frank you are, when it comes to giving a presentation, try to be more formal and severe. This makes a huge impression.

Another thing is if you feel nervous, then grab something in your hand like a marker or pen, etc. Moreover, do not waste anyones’ time and present it without talking about other things.

7. Questioning

Most of us run away from questioning sessions. It is not a good thing. If you want to be successful, you must know what you can do. Therefore, you must add a questioning session, whether at the end of the presentation or by the end of every slide.

Asking questions and then answering them will boost your confidence level. Remember one thing, we are not perfect. Everyone has flaws. The only way to overcome any flaw is to face it. The more you will answer, the more you will think and figure out what is happening.

If someone wants to present anything in front of people. Then he must have vast knowledge about the topic. The more you know about what you are delivering, the more confidence you will have. Not only this, but if someone wants to be a good presenter, he must be a good speaker first.

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