Making money from your websites is not about any fantasy world. Anyone can make money from the writing habit of their blogs or websites, and these are fairly common ways of generating money.

 Through these ways, you can exchange your money and while having this, you can earn more money. This we can’t consider as the easiest work, but it is not tough either.

Following tips can help out in understanding and generating money from your websites

  • 1. Affiliate marketing
  • 2. Google AdSense
  • 3. Sell ad directly.
  • 4. Sell sponsored blog
  • 5. Get paid to write reviews
  • 6. Earn online money by flipping websites
  • 7. As an influencer
  • 8. Created restricted members-only content

• Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is all about when you make your audience well known by your products and services while using special tracking links. After clicking your links, the person buys a product and through this, you get the referral commission. If you have an interest in affiliate marketing than before, make content about the thing you use, and you know well that your audience is interested in it. Then search for that if they have an affiliate program.  

On the following platforms, you can promote your products:

  • 1. Amazon
  • 2. Commission junction
  • 3. Shareasale

Once you have planned and selected a product to promote. For this then use a word press plugin like Pretty Links for managing your affiliate links. This helps you out quickly in inserting posts, creating branded links, auto-replace keywords into links, and besides this, you can see how each link is working.

This platform is one of the easiest ways of making money. You can promote a wide variety of products.

• Google AdSense.

On Google AdSense, you can make your money easily by using your blog. All you need to start is by adding a script from Google to your website and after that start displaying ads. And after every click on your ad, you will get paid and this is known as CPC ads.

CPC: This word explains the “cost per click”.  By using Google AdSense with displaying CPC ads you receive a set free whenever visitors click on your ads. The cost per click is set by the advertiser. Google AdSense is a good way to start earning online when you are first starting your earning.

• Sell Ads directly

The usage of Google AdSense is easy to set up, but the amount of money you can earn is limited. With each click on ads, your earning can vary. Selling your banner ad space on your websites directly can be more lucrative. This takes more work to manage than using Google AdSense.

• Sell sponsored blogs

Oftentimes bloggers are not interested in displaying ads to their audience and wonder how they monetize their blogs without ads. Sometimes you lose some control over your site and on the content you have displayed with the ad network. In most cases, it happens that your readers get annoyed and offended by the ads you display, and instead of this it also affects your earning potential because most people work by adopting this method.  Another way through which you can monetize your blog is by sponsorship. Basically in sponsorship, a company provides their products for promoting them to readers.

• Get paid to write reviews

As you earn through sponsored posts you can earn money by writing paid reviews on your site. There are different monetization methods than a review site with affiliate links.  You try out products related to your niche for free and get paid for writing a review.  This process is similar to getting sponsored posts.  You will have to review products that are related to your niche, and your audience would be interested in it. You can start companies on your own to ask about doing paid reviews. The websites like PayPerPost can help to connect you with businesses that may be interested.

• Earn money by flipping websites

If you have knowledge of how to create a word press website, then you are way ahead of most people. In rare cases, it happens that entrepreneurs create websites that they can use next for their own business. If you have information about creating a word press blog and begin to get traffic to it, then you can sell it and make money for your efforts. This required knowing the type of websites in demand, and how you can price and sell them.

• As an influencer

Besides your blog, if you are promoting your brand then by the passage of time you will get a decent following. This will help you out in establishing yourself as an influencer in your space. This you can use for obtaining some public vocal jobs.  There are a lot of bloggers who earn more money by becoming vocal at many conferences.

While becoming vocal at many events that are paid or unpaid help you out in a more decent way for promoting your blog and personal brand. If a person is having good skills in communication then he can create many opportunities on the way by having good networking and public speaking. Some fruitful tips will help out in making money as a public speaker:

1. Be an expert in your field– If you have not enough knowledge and skills at that moment, then start learning right away.

2. Be consistent– you need to continuously promote your expertise on the topic of your blogging through social media or by any else activities. 

3. Let people know you are there- through social media or privately you must announce to reach out to the event organizers.

4. Paid public speaking- many successful speakers always start their public speaking career from the smaller platform, they are more casual and always make themselves self-available at free community events and meetups.

If a person doesn’t want to make money selling ads or sponsored posts, they can make money from plenty of other ways.

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