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With the increasing power of digital media, everyone knows how to use the power of digital media for its purpose, and politics is no exception. Political parties are using digital marketing tools and methodologies for many years now to grow their audience. Political digital marketing works the same way, as the corporate agencies commercialize their product and attract the potential audience towards themselves. The marketing strategy used in politics is becoming more complex each day.

Advertising is the most powerful tactic to attract the audience, and you can see the political banners, ads, and flyers everywhere to promote a political party and its vision. The use of opinion polls, psychographics, radio, TV, Emails, social media, and print media to reach potential voters has shown a great impact on voters especially the young ones.

All the major political parties in the United States keep updating their digital marketing techniques and tactics to grow and empower themselves.

Political campaigns use targeted techniques at a micro level, they take the help of data mining companies to get the personalized data of voters like social media handles, use of credit cards, personal interests, TV and social media using patterns, interests, email addresses, and contact numbers. All this data will help to reach the voters.

Facebook and other social sites provide all the information like name, gender, age, place of living, occupation, interests, etc. with the help of this a pool is made and ad campaigns are run. 

Digital marketing strategy is based on three phases:

  • The first is to have a new political audience who is supportive.
  • The second is to convince unsure voters.
  • The third is to make sure the people are out to vote.

Digital marketing campaign strategy in US Elections 2020

A smart strategy is made to run political ads. For example, Republicans targeted older age groups, Facebook is mostly used by the age groups between 40-55. For even the same platform different age groups are targeted with different strategies.

Presidential candidate Bernie sanders targeted youngsters and male voters. Vice President Joe Biden used some other technique in which women and older voters were targeted.

So you should know what type of audience you are targeting and then an effective plan is made.

Techniques used in Political Digital Marketing:

Below are some of the major approaching techniques used by the digital political marketing system:

Politics and social media:

Regular Content posting on social media platforms will help to introduce your party and candidate to the audience and will develop their interest in your activities and Motto. Paid ads play an important role in building a potential audience.

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Programmatic Advertising:

Use the technique of display targeting. Roadside Ads after every 5 feet will make an undecided voter search about that candidate and know more about the party. Then you can target them through strong messages thus making sure to enter into your site for continuous connection.

How Political Campaigns Weaponize Social Media Bots - IEEE Spectrum

Politics and Email marketing:

After grabbing the attention of an undecided voter here is the time to reach the potential voters personally and call them for action. Collecting emails of the masses living in a specific location is not a difficult task. Continuous connection through regular emails can help in convincing most of the voters and if you spend some money in email marketing and get even a single voter it is worth spending on it.

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Politics and Political Events:

Political events like rallies, debates, and conventions before the election helps to build a stronger connection between you and voters and influence more to come and vote for you on election day. Digital invitations for such political events are very helpful.

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Cross-Device Targeting:

Cross-device targeting is to know and use all the available channels to reach the target. For example, a person using social sites from his laptop then shifted to his mobile, you can track him through IP address, different online identifiers, and cookies and use them all to make sure he has started taking interest in your candidate.  

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Look-Alike Modeling:

A look-alike modeling strategy clones a potential voter and retrieves the data of all the similar audiences who can be potential voters based on their location, culture, religion, interests, and political views. Many influential political campaigns have been using this strategy.

Look-alike modelling: targeting the right audience | Blog OnAudience.com

Engage Public with Live Video:

Many politics uses live streaming opportunity to directly address with public anytime which makes their connection stronger, live question, answer session and listening to public problems also helps in building trust.

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Geolocation targeting:

Mobile apps save location and help advertising companies to approach potential audiences. Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi help to track the location. The location change is easily sensed when you move to another city or country or while driving a car. It will help to target a few hundred or thousand people of a specific location in the world to convey your message. 

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Video advertising:

Videos have become the largest media to convey messages, advertise the business and reach a large audience. So YouTube is one of the most effective media, a strong visual presence will allow a political campaign to make its place unknowingly and knowingly in the heart of people. A voter would love to know what is going in the personal life of a political leader, how he deals in his general matters, and how his political and social life goes. An undecided voter is most probably attracted towards a political candidate smiling and shaking hands in a town street, with common people. 

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Emotion-based targeting:            

With the advancement in neuroscience, cognitive computing, data analysis, and behavioral tracking it has become easy to gain the attention of the audience by activating their emotions. Emotion analytics is a growing field that has introduced new targeting methods.

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Digital marketing practices in politics have raised the awareness in public about different parties their mottos and what they are working on recently, which helps people to know more about the party they are interested in. While on the other hand inter-political competition has been raised. So it is necessary to know what to share and how to share with the public to get the maximum of attention, for the purpose many agencies are working specifically on political digital marketing.

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