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Watching videos on youtube and getting entertained is the best use of cell phones. Although there is a download option to play video offline. But some videos are not available offline. The question here is how to download youtube videos.

How To Download Youtube Videos by fetetch

Some mobiles have built-in screen recorders. So, you can screen record the video and watch it when there is no internet. But, there are some issues and you prefer to download youtube videos rather than recording them.

Some of the issues that you may face are:

  1. The video quality is dropped when you screen records them.
  2. While screen recording, everything displayed on mobile or laptop screen will be recorded too. They may include pop-up notifications. And as a result, you cannot share videos if notifications are private.
  3. Another big thing is that some screen recorders do not have the option of muting the mike. So the voices around you will also get recorded.

We do not prefer recording videos via a screen recorder. There is another option that you can download videos through some tips and tricks.

How To Download Youtube Videos fetetch

How To Download Youtube Videos – Step To Step Guide

So, the most convenient option after screen recording is downloading by the use of apps or websites, etc.

If you want to download a video from a computer or laptop, then play the video using the browser on youtube. Click on the address bar, after clicking, the address bar will look like:……..

Now add letters “ss” before y of youtube and right after the dot. Then a link will open and there will be an option for downloading the video. You can then download the video and play it offline after it downloads.

It was the simplest way to download a video that you like.

Similarly, if you want to use the same trick for downloading on mobile. Then open the link of the video on the browser and repeat the same process. After that, your video will be downloaded.

How To Download YouTube Video from Mobile by fetetch

Download Youtube Video In Mobile

Another way to download videos is using mobile apps that are available on the play store. All you have to do is:

  1. go to play store
  2. Open the app
  3. Install it
  4. Give it permission
  5. And download a youtube video.

The most recent and popular apps are:

  1. Video Downloader by love game wow. You can click here to access the app.
  2. Video Downloader by in shot Inc. You may click here to get the link to the app.

These two apps are the best-reviewed and are the most liked.

How To Download Youtube Videos On I Phone

As I Phone do not allow unknown sources and webpages to access and read the files. So, you cannot easily download videos from an iPhone. But here, we have a trick for you.

Steps to download YouTube videos on your iPhone

  1. Start installing free app documents available at raddle.
  2. After that, copy the link to the YouTube video.
  3. Paste on the link bar, and click on the download option.

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