The corporate fixture is the backbone of every economy. It is to be well-managed and well-established for the pressing purpose to achieve.

The most vital entity of the corporate fixture is employees, and their productivity is something that vibrantly matters for the progress of an enterprise and ultimately for accomplishing the goal.

So, the productivity of the employees needs to be closely monitored, and for this purpose, employers nowadays increasingly consider using spy mediums to monitor their employees during working hours.

There is a number of reasons for which the employers look to do so, the most pressing of them are beneath.

Most pressing reasons to monitor employees

  • Employee monitoring is incorporated for evaluating remote workplace performance, especially in the recently evolving pandemic times.
  • It is used to negate the effects of insider threats. They pertain to damaging the business interests by the employees through stealing confidential business information.
  • One of the key reasons is to log the productivity of employees, if their productivity is up to the mark or not with having access to the internet and social media at or off the workplace.
  • There are a few organizations that are directly regulated by government agencies, so in order to ensure compliance with the prescribed customer service and other standards, employees are monitored.
  • Employee monitoring exhibits true insights of employee activities during working hours, which helps superiors in performance and appraisal management.
  • The businesses and enterprises that pertain to customer support incorporate employee monitoring to ensure seamless customer service and to find out if the communication with customers is up to the assigned benchmarks.
  • Negates the likelihood of businesses getting on the verge of data loss and cyber theft through cyber-attacks.
  • It can help restrict workplace abuse with female co-workers by monitoring the real-time surroundings of the employees.

Statistics about employee monitoring

  • The research study of the American Management Association reveals that more than 80% of the organizations in the United States monitor the overall activities of their employees during working hours over PCs and cell phones.
  • More specifically, research conducted in the US rolls out that 94% of employers look to monitor and track the online activities of their employees.
  • There are enterprises that operate with having access to sensitive and confidential consumer information; 93% of such companies look to record their employees’ activities.
  • A revealing fact that has come to our knowledge while investigating the employee monitoring statistics is that 99% of the audience surveyed has confessed that they access potentially dangerous platforms and websites at least once during working hours.
  • 34% of the employees who were surveyed reported that they store the official documents over their personal storage.


By going around all that we have discussed above, it is inferred that employers have endless reasons to spy and track the activities of their employees. The monitoring activities range from looking into physical whereabouts to tracking online activities, and monitoring the employees outs

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