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A brand is a term, name, design, symbol, or feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from others. Branding is a set of communicational and marketing strategies and methods that help to distinguish a brand from competitors and create a long-lasting impression in the consumers’ minds. Packaging is defined not only as materials used to wrap or protect products. It encompasses all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product. The eyelash boxes are one of the essential communication tools for attracting potential buyers and consumers. Therefore these are known as the “silent salesman.”

The aggregation of essential elements in the eyelash boxes such as company name, company logo, company colors, product image, and product explanation is strongly related to sales effectiveness. Since many consumers and buyers usually spend only a short time deciding which particular products to purchase, the packaging box must be designed to attract their attention quickly. This can be done since packaging boxes are a perfect medium to communicate the product’s features. For instance, raw materials (shown by an illustration or photo of an apple), taste or flavor (described by words such as “sweet” or “clean”), and brands (usually shown by logo) to support consumers’ decision-making.

Revising Packaging Design to Express Brand Perception Better

Companies and brands attempt to design their custom eyelash boxes to motivate purchasing behavior and increase sales. They continuously make small changes to their customized packaging boxes while maintaining the overall existing design to maintain a fresh package image without affecting the brand identity. However, they are sometimes unsuccessful. A major beverage company, for example, changed the package for an orange juice product without sufficient consideration of the effect that it would have on the brand perception, which means how consumers perceive the brand. Sales of the product dropped 20%, so the brand quickly restored the previous package design. Even though the company had achieved a strong brand identity, a change in the packaging caused sales to drop. It is thus vital to ensure that redesigned product packaging boxes do not jeopardize brand perception.

The custom eyelash boxes convey the brand perception. Sometimes, a significant gap builds between the designers’ aim and the consumers’ perception. While there is only one brand identity, each potential consumer has a different perception of the brand. The company and its customers create a brand through their expectations for the product—the company cannot create a brand identity on its own. The Packaging Republic considers that it is more important for a company to know and reflect customer perceptions of a brand than to accurately express the target brand identity to reduce the sales opportunity lost.

Eyelash Packaging Box – Filling the Gap Between Brand and Consumers

Considering that there is generally a gap between brand perceptions and the consumers’ impressions from eyelash packaging box that substantially represents brand identity, the brands and sellers must create package images that better express brand perceptions. We suggest you start the designing process by focusing on color selection for the eyelash packaging box. This is because color psychology has shown that colors are generally the most significant aspect of product packaging. Read more the uk times.

We suggest you replace a color that gives an impression different from the brand perception with one that better expresses the brand perception and is appropriate for the target product.

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