As we all know, the covid is spreading widely throughout the world. Many people are suffering from it. Covid has had an adverse effect in almost every sector: education, job, vacation, and every nation’s economic growth has decreased by nearly 50 percent.

 Effective drugs for covid are hard to find. Most of the medications are used to control general symptoms like fever and jaundice and reduce overall weakness. One of the most common symptoms associated with this virus is a painful burning sensation in your throat.

 Although this symptom might seem to subside after a few days, it could get worse if left untreated. The throat pain is caused because the acid reflux is not being flushed out from the body properly, leading to excess acid levels being produced within the throat. Another reason is the nasal congestion that occurs. This article will discuss some prevention steps through which you can be safe from covid.

Prevention of covid-19 at home.

There are many recommendations from doctors. By following those or taking them into account, and you can prevent corona easily. For example, you can avoid yourself at home in the good and most effortless ways. These Steps may help a person to get well as soon as possible he can not recover quickly while living in the hospital room. Or these steps are also beneficial for that person to ensure his safety from getting his diseases fatal. 

• Stay home.

When a person stays at his home, avoid going to public places like school, restaurants, parks, or any get-together. He should avoid using public transportation. And keep himself isolated. He should keep his room separate from his family member. And always, he should maintain a distance of 6 feet. His accessories should be separate from his family members. If this is so far possible, he should keep in usage a separate washroom and always keep clean those things that are touched like switches, Doorknobs, etc. if all these are not possible, he should keep his home ventilated thoroughly.

• Use mask.

He should use a face mask whenever he went near there and whenever he is out of his room. If wearing a mask is not possible, he should cover his mouth and nose with his elbow or tissue. He should keep on changing his mask regularly. If the mask usage is not possible, the tissue he used should throw in the dustbin and wash the handkerchief he used while sneezing and coughing.

• Wash hand.

A person should keep washing his hand after a while for 20 seconds with soap and water. For touching his mouth, nose, and eye, he should use the mask. If the water and soap are not available for him, he should use sanitizer containing 60% alcohol and help out to prevent spreading diseases. If often he has to live in the room where the sick person is kept, he should maintain 6 feet distance from that.And he should use a mask. If the mask gets dirty and wet while taking care of that person, he should throw that mask in the dustbin and use a new mask or wait until it gets dry. While staying with the sick person, he should sanitize things that he uses.

• Cleaning of home

A person should always have to keep his home clean. He should frequently clean his house. If he should not keep cleaning the room and washroom of that sick person, he should keep separating that person’s utensils, plates, spoons, and other accessories. He should wash their dress with detergents. And he should keep his home ventilated. The dress of sick persons should wash separately from others. His Accessories must not be used by others and must not be touched by other members.

• Keep clean laundry.

Keep your laundry clean. Don’t shake your dirty laundry. Keep on washing the laundry of sick persons regularly. Use a detergent to keep them clean. Use artificial gloves while cleaning clothes and washing his valuable things. After washing all of their useful things, remove your gloves and mask and through them in waste bins. 

• Be careful with dishes.

Use mask and gloves to handle utensils used by a sick person. They should be washed with soap and hot water by keeping them in separate dishes. Keep his dishes separate from other member’s utensils. After holding his utensils, he must use gloves and a mask. After getting free from washing his proper dishes, remove the mask and gloves. Don’t use those masks and gloves for over of time. After using them once, throw them in waste bins. Before using and after using, always take into account to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap.

• Visitors

Don’t allow several visitors at home. And never made a rush at a sick person’s home. Don’t let unnecessary visitors at home until the patient has not recovered completely and has no symptoms of diseases.

• Ending of quarantine

After getting free from and completing isolation, you must visit a doctor and take a recommendation from him. He will take into account that you have recovered recover entirely or not. Are all of the symptoms of that disease are finished or not.

• Testing.

Suppose you have observed that your symptoms last for a long time and they have not recovered after taking a dose-related to your health issues in a recommended time when it would be best if you visited a doctor. If your fever did not recover by taking pills within the specific time of recovery, you should have visited the doctor and tested your issue.


Covid can be cured very quickly if we take care of ourselves and our friends or family. You just have to follow the proper guideline of your doctor. Try to take supplements and fresh fruit or fresh juice, especially orange juice, as it contains vitamin c, and vitamin c helps fight covid. Always wear a mask, don’t go unnecessary anywhere, and keep sanitizer and use it whenever needed. If you feel fever, coughing, or any other covid symptom, isolate yourself for 14 days.

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