Microsoft office has been in a lead role for the sake of documentation and making spreadsheets etc. But there are many other alternatives to Office 365 that vary in the price range. Some have high price, some have low, and some are absolutely free. Free version or low price doesn’t mean that it is of no value. To comply with your documents effectively, you can use free or less paid sources other than Microsoft office. Here we will discuss some efficient alternatives that you can use.

Free Office:

One efficient free suit for personal and professional use is FreeOffice. It is an easy alternative to Microsoft Office for which you don’t need to spend a penny. Having spreadsheets, organizing your data and getting benefit from toolbars to compile your files are easy in it. It has launched its new version in which you have the options of either using toolbars or you can use classic menus as well. FreeOffice was developed for Linux and Windows. It provides the basic version for the users of Android.

It is compatible with different formats, such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word, etc. So, you can save your files in different formats such as PPTX, DOCX, XLS, and others. This way, you can save your data in different manners. The touch mode can be beneficial for the users with touchscreen PC. You can enjoy this version in classic as well as in the new look. FreeOffice is proved a free, easy and effective criterion of creating and saving files for the users who search for having alternatives to Office 365.

Google Sheets:

Perhaps you don’t want to download any additional software. In that case, Google docs and sheets are the best alternative. You can have numerous options with this, such as slides, sheets, docs, presentation maker and much more. It supports different formats, making it easy for you to have the old files with same formats. The best part of this suit is that you only need to have the connection of internet.

You will open the web browser and start completing your work with Google’s suite. There is an immense range of templates that makes things easy for you. You can edit according to your needs. You can save, edit and share your data in different templates with others. At the same time, if you want others to edit this data, they can do it efficiently, without any trouble. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best alternatives to Office 365.

Libre Office:

With LibreOffice, you can have different important things like document editor and spreadsheets, etc. The interesting aspect is its availability in more than hundred languages. It makes it possible for everyone to make documents and save their data in their required language. It is one of the best alternatives to Office 365 that works efficiently across the globe. It supports different formats of Office 365. These formats include PPTX, DOCX, etc.

It is an amazing feature because your old files don’t go to waste when you have the option to have them in the same old format. You can download numerous available templates. No restricted way needs to be followed. Almost everything comes with positive and negative aspects. One concerned or negative point of this source is that on Android, LibreOffice doesn’t allow you to have a document viewer. This way, the options of editing remain very less. You can use it on Linux, Windows and other form such as macOS, etc.

WPS Office:

Recommended by a coursework help firm, among efficient alternatives to Office 365, one good and free option is WPS Office. It allows you to do your work without any trouble. You can make spreadsheets, presentations and much more. You can have 1GB space for cloud storage. If you don’t want to pay anything for Office software, this is the best option you can avail yourself. You can jump between apps. From the same integrated UI, it is possible for you to go from one app to another without any issue.

You can take benefits from it on many places like Mac, Linus, Android, etc. You can enjoy and do your work in its web version too. If you want to download it, it will be surprising for you to know that its size is just 148 MB. It makes it easy for you to download if you have less storage space. WPS is one of the most efficient alternatives to Office 365 for sure. But because you are already used to do things with Office 365, it may take some time for you to get familiar with its usage.

Polaris Office:

With Polaris office, you can continue with your work without any disturbance, despite not having Office 365 with you. Its premium option allows you to have extra features for efficient work. But if you don’t want something extra on it, or you work alone, the free version of Polaris Office is sufficient for you. Having options of making spreadsheets and do your documentation with ease, there is a PDF conversion option too. You can easily convert your PDF files and edit them without any difficulty. Because of the same UI as in Office 365, you will not face any trouble in Polaris Office.

Zoho Office:

One of the interesting and efficient alternatives to Office 365 is Zoho Office. Just online availability of Zoho Office makes it different from Office 365. Because it is only available online, you can take full advantage of it like Google sheets and docs, etc. It is available for Android, PC, Linux, and others. You can have different applications of notebook and the writer too. You can also use the sheets. Two factor authentication makes it worth having. Furthermore, it has a backup plan too. In this way, your data remains saved. You don’t need to rush for getting your old data back.


Having efficient alternatives to Office 365 is not difficult today. You can have free sources to continue your work. You can make sheets, edit and save your work in different formats easily just like you were used to do in Office 365.

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