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YouTube is one of the greatest and famous, videos sharing platforms with over a billion users. This company is bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion.

YouTube is one of the most versatile platforms with over trillions of videos on a variety of topics like education, sports, games, vlogging, news channels, drama channels, etc. Every form of talent can be expressed via YouTube videos. The exciting thing is you can earn from videos via the google feature of Google AdSense.

Nowadays every sort of business, emotion, and news can be expressed in many ways like in form of a blog, social media engagement, but sharing videos on YouTube is now one of the things to promote your services and you can earn from it.

With the digitalization in technology and mobile in reach of every person with age ranging from 8 to 80 is common. While looking at YouTube, videos of the varying genre are available and for every age group complying with the legal ethic laws. 

Let’s just talk about How to use YouTube for beginners? .How you can set your YouTube vlog and increase engagement of your channel, leading to monetization. In this article, we’ll also discuss the legal and ethical jargon used by YouTube to make the environment safe and peaceful.

How to use YouTube for Beginners

How to make a YouTube account?

Step 1

Go to and click on the sign-up button.

Create the account using any google or email account.

Step 2

After setting up the account click on the right side of the profile icon and then click on ‘Create a Channel’.

Step 3

After creating your channel, then set your preferences. Make a channel by using your name or business name depending on the niche of the channel.

Custom name is often used for the small business channel.

Step 4

Create your catchy, cool channel name.

Step 5

Add a profile photo and cover photo, to make your channel interactive.

Here you go your channel is ready and now you can upload your videos.

How to use YouTube for Beginners

Tips for beginners on how to make the best content.


If you’re vlogging or making a video on any niche, you just need a good quality camera and microphone to keep the visibility and audibility of the video clear and good.


Always start simple. If you’re new to the technicalities of video editing and graphic designing you don’t need the pro version of tough video editing software, you can make your way through simple software and enhance the quality of the video.


If you’re starting your channel you must have the idea that in which topic, you’ll upload your video. If you don’t then find your inspiration and collect the idea on which your first video will be based.

Make a video on the topic which connects to the users, and clickbait must e intriguing, so the viewers will click on the video.

How to use YouTube for Beginners

How to Boost YouTube Channel?

SEO Optimization 

Must optimize your content to increase the visibility of content. An engaging and good title increases the ranking and leads to more traffic to the video.

Must add relevant tags to the video Another key feature is must add relevant tags .use trending topics for videos and add tags the possibility of video viewership on a trending topic is more.


Make your social media relevant accounts to gain followers and fans on different platforms like Instagram and Facebook to get views on the video and gain more subscribers.


Make the content and shape your video on what your viewers want to see, connect with their emotions so they can see your video to the end, and it aids your watch time.


If you’re promoting your business through videos and if you’re just a regular user, must add free giveaways it increases both your social media engagement as well as channel subscriptions.


YouTube automatically grabs a screenshot from any video and uses it as a thumbnail. Unfortunately, the image it captures from time to time is a hazy photograph of you calibrating the camera or a transition.

Making your thumbnails not only makes your videos more enticing at a glimpse, but it also gives an impression of quality.


There’s a good chance you’re addressing relevant issues on YouTube that intersect. Make it a point to cross-promote your videos when it makes sense to get more mileage out of your older content.

As an example, as a call-to-action, you may include links in the description of a video and encourage people to check them out. Although the recent loss of YouTube’s annotation feature may have disappointed some, including a link in your description encourages visitors to watch your videos all the way through instead of clicking away.


Be regular with your videos, don’t space out on YouTube. Show your presence on all platforms to keep the engagement going on.

How to use YouTube for Beginners  by fettech


There are different requirements you need to complete to follow up the monetization program of YouTube. Let’s discuss all the milestones in detail.


The channel must 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time in the last 1 year. These requirements make you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program of in short YPP.

I have a few more things to say regarding Watch Time. Live feeds are included in that total. Unlisted videos are included in the total. However, deleting videos will result in that Watch Time being deleted from your channel’s Watch Time hours.

Finally, if you are currently a member of the YouTube Partner Program and the channel’s Watch Time falls below 4,000 hours, YouTube will not remove you from the program, but they may do so at their judgment.

How to use YouTube for Beginners


YouTube also monitors the program’s channels to ensure that they remain compliant with YouTube’s standards and guidelines. Given all of YouTube’s teething troubles in finding the perfect balance between artists, viewers, and advertising, these regulations and guidelines are remarkably detailed.


The vast subject of copyright infringement is addressed in YouTube’s policies and guidelines. If you use other people’s work without their authorization, you may be using pirated content. It will very probably result in demonetization or disqualification from the YouTube Partner Program.


If you want to earn from this platform, YouTube will need a mechanism to perform transactions, which will most likely be through an AdSense account at first. Multiple channels can be linked to a single AdSense account, and if you don’t already have one, you can create one during the YouTube Partner Program registration process.

Final Verdict

The process of making a YouTube channel is free but, the hard work is real. So this the opportunity of a lifetime, grab the opportunity and showcase your talent and earn revenue.

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