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Everything is becoming digital, and many people are finding new ways and means to earn. Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the most trending fields nowadays. Amazon itself offers courses for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Program Amazon

It is a plan where people refer products from amazon and gets a commission on those sales.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing works?

Firstly, a user has to sign up. Then, Amazon gives a unique tracking ID to the user. After that, the user adds it to the amazon URL and creates an affiliate link.

When a link is created, and someone buys a product using that link within 24 hours. Then the user will be paid a commission on that sale.

Sometimes people do not buy the product you recommended. Instead, they buy something else, but still, the user will get the profit because of the affiliate link.

Setting up account for Amazon Affiliates

You have to follow the steps below to set up an account:

When you sign up, Amazon will ask for the website address. You can add any social media site link over there. But if you want are serious about making money. Then you have to add the amazon affiliate website.

Firstly, go to the homepage of amazon associates.

After that, sign in to your Amazon account and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Affiliate Market Amazon is something different. If you are an affiliate and you took part in the marketing program. Then you can easily involve yourself in eCommerce without establishing a store. You can also have an opportunity to monetize your social media account and earn a commission.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Talking about affiliate marketing, there are three of them.

Pay Per Sale

 In this program, the merchant has to pay the affiliate whenever a customer referred by the affiliate buys something. There are two options here. Sometimes the merchants pay the fixed rate, or sometimes they give a percentage of the commission.

Pay Per Click

It is an arrangement where the affiliate is paid based on how many visitors visited the site using the affiliate link. It does not matter whether the visitors make the purchase or not.

Pay Per Lead

 In this arrangement, the merchant will pay you the number of visitors who signed up.

Who can Start Affiliate with Amazon

There are no limitations. Some people think that a website or a blog site is necessary to make affiliate links. If you have a youtube channel, you can also add links over there. Similarly, suppose you have any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, etc. In that case, you know that your audience will purchase or open the link. Then you can affiliate market the amazon program.

How to build an Amazon affiliate site

If someone is interested in making a successful Amazon affiliate site. Then here is a quick guide that will help you.

Everyone can come up with different ideas and plans. Some can earn 1000 dollars each month while others can earn more than 10 thousand dollars.

You will have to do is follow some simple steps.

1. Choosing a good niche

Choosing the perfect and most popular niche is essential. You have to know the interest of the people. For example, you cannot sell toys to adults. Similarly, you cannot sell sports goods to bookworms. So, try to choose a niche where you can get more clicks.

2. Check commission rates

The commission on each product varies. So., you have to check the commission rates. For example, suppose you are working really hard to sell a product. But it does not offer a good commission. So, it will be of no use.

3. Check prices of products

The more costly a thing is, the more chances you will have to earn. But it does not mean that you always have to head towards the costly niche. Sometimes, people buy or tend to buy cheap products. And you can get more commission as more people will buy it.

4. Estimating the traffic

You also have to check the traffic rate you can drag towards the money pages or the links. Try using SEO tools to attract more traffic towards the links.

Importance of SEO in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The thing to know is that the more traffic you will have, the more chances you can make money. But, if you are not having any traffic, you cannot get clicks, and you will get no commission.

Try to use google search engines to optimize your content and drive more traffic. Make use of SEO tools. For this, the best thing you can do is do a short-term course of SEO.

Pros and cons of Affiliate Market Amazon

There are few things that you need to know.


  1. The best part is that it is very easy to become an affiliate. All a person is do is register and then start sharing the links.
  2. It is an authentic e-commerce website where there are no chances to get spammed. Moreover, the affiliates do not have to sell by themselves; they have to direct visitors via links.
  3. There is no limitation on any products. There are millions of products, and users can choose whatever they want to sell. Moreover, there is also a prime option where you can promote links via videos.
  4. The best part is that even if a user does not buy the recommended product and goes for something else. Still, you will get your commission. The thing to do is drive more and more traffic.


  1. Many products come with meager commissions. Even some of the products come with a commission of 1 percent only. So, it can be hard to choose an appropriate product.
  2. The Affiliate market amazon programs are challenging to understand if you do not keep yourself interacted with them. This is because it is updated frequently. So, as a member, you have to understand and keep yourself in touch with it.
  3. It can be tough to drive traffic if you are a newbie. You are not having any experience in digital marketing or do not have any website.

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