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We started this website in Pakistan. Thinking about the best of both worlds is possible. But making it true is a bit difficult. You might be thinking about why we have started this website? Technology is the need of time. And due to many advancements in technology, many people have changed their lives. But some of us are still unaware. That was the main point where we took the initiative.

Suppose you are a technology freak. Then our team is here to serve you with the best bites. Similarly, if you are not interested to know, our blogs will motivate you, and you will see that you have automatically developed an interest in tech. Our main motto is to guide you, entertain you, help you and give you the most recent news.


We have a compassionate team. Every member knows what to do and how to do it. Our team is working hard to collect all the news that is related to your interest. Whether it’s a normal thing or information, our team researches everything. Here is a short intro about the main editor.

Engr. Fahad Khan Khattak


From a website developer to a sound designer and also a perfect editor, it’s safe to say that the career of Engr. Fahad Khan Khattak is diverse. He knows every minute detail that a website must have. Moreover, he is doing a bachelor’s in Software engineering. So, he knows very well about technology and the latest development.

He is personally dedicated to his work and is very interested in tech news—Thats’ why he aims to provide the users with excellent info about technology.

You will not regret visiting this site. We hope that you have learned a lot about our dedicated team members in this about us section.